A once only non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 per family must be paid on enrolment.
This registration fee is to be paid by every family (permanent’s & casual’s) regardless of the number of days in attendance.

Fees are due at least 1 week in advance.  Fees will be advised to parents via email for the term.  Parents may pay the term in full, half term, monthly, fortnightly or weekly provided fees are paid for care in advance.

Fees are payable by either internet transfer, cheques or eftpos (savings, cheque or credit cards) only. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED.
Any overpayment will be credited against your next week’s account.

No payment is required for public holidays or over the closure at Christmas, or during school holidays if your child is NOT booked in to the Vacation Care Program.

If any presented cheques are dishonoured by the bank, the parent / care giver shall be liable for the bank fee incurred.
No third party cheques will be accepted.
Cheques are to be made payable to
“Carlingford West O.O.S.H. Centre”.

Fees for School Development Days (Pupil Free Days) will be the same as the Vacation Care Fee.

Children collected after 6.00 p.m. will be subject to a late fee of $2.00 for every minute / child, payable within 5 days of fee incurred.
Parents who are detained should phone the Centre to make alternative arrangements.
If no phone call has been made to the Centre regarding the parent’s lateness by 6:30 p.m., then the child will be taken to Ermington Police Station and a note will be left on the O.O.S.H. gate and an additional $100.00 penalty will be charged.
Regardless of the parents phoning the Centre to advise that they will be late, they will still be charged the late fee and any other costs incurred.

For the fee structure, please refer to the current FEE SCHEDULE.

If a payment has not been received within 1 week, a reminder letter / email will be issued.
If payment is not received in full within the following week, a 20% late penalty will be charged per week on outstanding amount with a minimum of $5.00 being charged.
If fees are three (3) weeks overdue, the Centre will not hold your child’s booking unless due cause can be shown to the Centre as to why fees remain in arrears.
Your child’s place at the Centre could be terminated unless you have made arrangements with the Co-Ordinator.