Vacation Care Program – Christmas 2017 / January 2018


PDF:    Christmas 2017 vacation care program

Please book your child into the grade they will be going into in 2018!


Registering for My Family Lounge:

Step 1: You must use a computer to register.  Registering cannot be done through the App.

Step 2: Look for the My Family Lounge Register button.  Click on REGISTER to create your own My Family Lounge account.

For families who already have an EXISTING My Family Lounge account, skip the registration process and go to step 3.

Step 3: Log into your MFL account and tell us about you, and your child. Complete and submit your child’s Enrolment form online.

Click on the upcoming vacation care program for more information on our website.

Step 4: go to the booking calendar and click on the days you wish to book for your child.  It will show you how many vacancies there are for that day.

Step 5: We will email you an invoice for the days you have been booked into

Visit to see how this amazing parent portal will benefit you and step by step videos on how to use it.